Remulak – Scrambled Eggs

‘Scrambled Eggs’ was released on Monday, February 18th, 2019.. 

The project is a collection of instrumentals that were recently found on one of his old hard drive lost in storage collecting dust. The original tracks were made back in 2001-2003, when Remulak was experimenting with the primitive Fruity Loops 3.0, Soundforge 5.0 and a pile of records from the charity shops. These tracks were given a new lease of life in his current weapon of choice, the Maschine MK3.

The album is available on Limited Red Vinyl, Cassette Tape & Digital HERE.

Remulak – One

‘One’, was released on Monday, September 13th (2018) on Village Live Records. 

‘One’ is a collection of Soulful, jazzy instrumentals taken from Remulak’s vaults, showcasing a variety of unreleased tracks and previously released ‘Vocal versions’ made between 2005 – 2018

This project was made entirely on the Maschine MK1 and Fruity loops, where Remulak first began experimenting with his production

The album is available on Ltd edition Blue Vinyl/ Black Vinyl, Cassette Tape & Digital HERE

Remulak – Earth

Remulak’s debut LP ‘Earth’, was released on Sunday, June 11th (2017) on Village Live Records. The album shows a real insight into his versatility, providing the listener with a variety of moods, some funky, some emotive and some gloomier sounds. The Whole album creates a real sense of nostalgia, with the cover being shot of Remulak in his childood in the early 80’s and the Vinyl gatefold image taken by Remulak’s mum in the early 90’s

The album is available on Ltd Edition Spatter Vinyl/ Black Vinyl, Cassette & Digital HERE

Remulak / M9 / Skriblah Dan Gogh – High Life

Highlife was released on Monday, August 15th (2016) on Village Live Records. Highlife sees Remulak collaborating with the incredible lyricist M9 (Melanin9) who has previously worked with Roc Marciano, Epidemic, Madame Pepper, The Summit and many more. Highlife tells a vivid tale of Sean, a man from a troubled background, struggling to live the highlife, featuring Skriblah DanGogh (Terrafirma) on the hook.

This single is available on Ltd Edition Orange Vinyl/Black vinyl & Digital HERE

Remulak – Karma

Karma was released on Wednesday, December 16th (2015) on Village Live Records. This was Remulak’s first physical released and features two heavyweight Mc’s, Cappo & Lewis Parker.

This single is available on Ltd Edition Black vinyl & Digital HERE

Remulak – Night Sessions

Night Sessions was released on Sunday, May 17th, (2015) as a self release. The 8 track ‘mini’ album explores various styles of Remulak’s production while taking you on a hypnotic journey from start to finish.

The album is available on Digital HERE